Saturday, January 30, 2010

Music Connects Us

This post is a part of my writing assignment. For a full explanation of what I'm working on check out this post here.

Day 7: 7 Minutes
Topic: Music

The other day, I was at the store shopping. It wasn't any special store, in any special community. It was just a store filled with strangers. And the something magical happened; George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" came on.

Suddenly, everyone in the store was a chorus member of the same choir. The station that was blasting through the store sound system had united us. We were all singing or humming along.

Hare Krishna, Hallelujah...

It was lovely; everyone--black, white, Asian and Latin--singing along with George Harrison, singing along with an ancient chant from another place and time. Music is an amazing thing. Music has this mysterious power to connect us, with lyrics, with a melody that makes us feel something, with a piercing rhythm that gets us moving in the same tempo. You don't need to know the words to bob your head and appreciate a well orchestrated piece. You just have to want to listen.

You have to want to listen.


That's seven minutes, so I guess my time's out.

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