Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pay it Forward

When I was in high school, I read Catherine Ryan Hyde's Pay it Forward. I loved the idea. Basically, do three good deeds for every single good deed that comes to you -- thereby spreading the good out exponentially, (ultimately and ideally) creating a wider social change.

It really is a lovely concept.

Today, someone did something lovely for me. I was rushing to get to the studio, per usual. And I didn't have enough quarters, per usual. It was raining. So I put what I had in the meter and ran inside to grab some change.

But there was a man in the parking lot. A city employee, no doubt. He was there pulling the change out of the meters. He saw me looking around for more silver to put in the meter.

When I ran inside, he actually fed the meter for me. It wasn't a grand gesture. It was a simple quarter, which he had plenty of since he was emptying out the meters. But it put a smile on my face.

So now I'm looking to pay it forward. That's a good place to be: actively looking for ways to help others. Do you need anything? :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Now, Where was I?

I've started three or more blog posts since I've last actually posted (in August -- ). And unfortunately, none of them have survived my recent battles with Firefox. It appears that having a high volume of windows and tabs open is incompatible with blogger's autosave feature.

I lost half a post about practicing / not practicing on an injury, my first experience with the famed Natasha (Rizopoulos), and a little ditty on how teaching (and practicing) different styles has made me better all around.

Losing work is disheartening, but now I'm just behind on blogging my exploits. I need to put my thoughts down on Johnny Gillespie (now two weekends ago). I still haven't written anything about Global Mala / Yoga Reaches Out, and I've been meaning to (three weekends ago). And I've got to share the video of my cousin proposing to his girlfriend because it's amazing!

So, I'm sorry for my techno-fail disappearing act. But there's lots of good stuff coming!