Friday, April 17, 2009

Fear Leaves You Uninspired

I've been talking to a number of people lately experiencing the recession... I suppose that's a euphemism for saying that a lot of the people I'm close with are finding themselves hard up in this economy.  

In these conversations, my peers want to share their stories, their feelings, but something stops them.  There's this sense that others don't want to hear about battered finances and unemployment checks--that others would look at them differently, like they somehow deserved to be laid off or it's their fault for not saving.  Blame the victim.

Mostly, we're expecting our parents' generation to collectively hop out from behind a bookshelf and yell we told you so.  

So we keep quiet instead--saying nothing about our fears in public. Because money and fear are taboo.

And none of this is helping.  People are terrified that they won't be able to make rent and are too afraid to talk about it.  

I think it's time to break this silence.  

Say something people! :-)