Friday, April 8, 2011

Feel Like Letting Go?

Yesterday, I googled "Letting Go" hoping to find the Nicki Minaj / Sean Kingston track on YouTube.  Search is a wonderful tool for instant gratification.

Of course, I got my musical fix, but in the process of googling, I stumbled on these lovely "letting go" related images.  On the left, we have reassurance that everything will be ok when you do let go. On the right, a depiction of one of the many thoughts worth letting go of.

"Fear of not being good enough" -- that's one I hold on to for whatever reason.

Maybe it has something to do with the past, maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's just a bad habit or negative thought code.  Whatever it is, write it on a piece of paper and let it burn; write it on your hand and let it wash away; write it on a leaf and let it float away.

Do you have a good letting go ritual? Please share!