Thursday, January 14, 2010

Writing Assignments: Concept & Day One

Before I was a marketer, before I was a yoga instructor, before I was a public relations student, I considered myself a writer. I loved to write. And I still do, though now, after client work and teaching, I often find myself too drained to do any random writing. I post here on occasion with my ranting PSAs and my rare episodes feature. But in an effort to get back to writing, and practicing writing, I came up with a little assignment for myself. I will write one post a day for 60 days; each day, I will allow myself gradually more time (i.e. day one will have one minute; day 60 will have a full hour). Timed writing, at least from what I remember from school, is a great way to get back in the habit of writing everything down, then editing. I've gotten into the habit since graduating of editing while I write, so writing is rather laborious, as I check and recheck each sentence, rework flow, etc.

Today is Day One.

Day One: One Minute
Topic: Holiday Gifts

This year I made almost all of the gifts I gave out. For my roommates, I crocheted scarves (out of yarn I had them choose, so I knew they'd like the color). I made scarves for members of my family too.


Time's up. One minute really flies by. I'll have to continue this thread tomorrow.

Photo by wwarby.

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