Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sandying Goes Yogaing

I teach. I practice. I teach. I practice. Yoga is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life.

But what have I been up to?

Last month I attempted a 31 in 31 (trying to take 31 classes in 31 days) at Prana Power Yoga. I sprained my ankle and had to give it up, but I've never feel better than when I'm practicing every day of the week. I can't wait till 31 in 31 in May--I'm going to rock that out.

Also in January, I taught at Lululemon in Cambridge. I love teaching at Lulu. Aside from the free top they comp you when you teach at one of their store fronts, it's always a great group of really appreciative yogis. It's a wonderful community.

Yoga in February and Beyond
What's coming up on my yoga calendar?

I have permanent classes now. I've had two in Winchester for awhile, but as my schedule solidifies, I'm going to try to keep folks informed so you can join me if you'd like!

Here is where you'll definitely be able to find me:
Tuesday: 6:30pm: Prana Winchester
Wednesday: 5:30pm: Harvard Business School
Thursday: 4:00pm: Prana Winchester
Sunday: 11:00am: Prana Newton - Kids Class for 3-7 year olds

Teaching the kids is such a blessing. They bring such a playful energy into my day. Of course they have their fair share of challenges, but they just want to have fun. It's definitely not serious yoga time... More on that later.

And yoga-time for me?
February is time for my own personal yoga adventures. I'm planning to do some exploring, to try different styles that I haven't tried before, different studios that I haven't visited before. I'll be sure to blog my yoga-ventures...

The photo is from StephCarter's Flickr feed. It appears as though she's had her own yoga-venture too!

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AbbyThompson said...

Rock on with the Lulu teaching! Wish I had known -- totally would have gone. :)

Let me know when/where you're going to a new place. I'd love to tag along.