Monday, January 18, 2010

Writing Assignments: Day 3 & 4 (Homemade Holiday Gifts)

Hello there. I'm a few days behind on my writing assignment posts. So I'm doubling up today, and will probably do the same tomorrow.

If you need to get caught up on why I'm doing this, read here. Since day one and day two didn't allow for a lot of time to talk about all the holiday gifts I made this year, I'm going to continue with that topic--though I'm hoping to be done with it soon!

Here are the proceeding "holiday gifts" posts:

Day One: One Minute

Topic: Holiday Gifts

This year I made almost all of the gifts I gave out. For my roommates, I crocheted scarves (out of yarn I had them choose, so I knew they'd like the color). I made scarves for members of my family too.

Day Two: Two Minutes
Topic: Holiday Gifts

I did a little experimenting with crochet stitches while I was home too. Normally, I crochet the width of the scarf first and then just build up the length from there. For the first time, while I was home for the holidays, I made a scarf length-ways. My grandmother got that one. It was two-toned. I would have kept it for myself, because I liked it that much, but I already had one of that color (or at least one of those colors). I made scarves for my grandmother, my aunt and some of my friends.

Day Three: Three Minutes
Topic: Holiday Gifts

I played with stitching variations. And even stole one of my mom's book on crochet stitches -- she's more of a knitter anyway.

The crocheting was a great distraction to all the drama of being home for the holidays. But before I left I took on a different crafty project. I made lip balm / salve. It was kind of fun, especially because of how much of that stuff I go through. I bought all the ingredients needed online through two different wholesalers: Mountain Rose Herbs and Wholesale Supplies Plus.
I needed all sorts of random things you never think about buying--chapstick tubes, flavoring oils, raw mango butter...

Day Four: Four Minutes
Topic: Holiday Gifts
Needless to say, this project took a little more planning than finding yarn and a hook. I had to buy tins and tubes to put my creation in. Also, I took flavor orders. My brother requested nutmeg--he said he'd like to kiss a girl that tastes like nutmeg (I made some for his new lady friend). My mom requested white tea. For myself? I picked up a tinsy tiny container of chamomile essence because I thought it sounded soothing.

The first batch (recipe cut and paste below) was White Tea Mango Butter flavored. So it smelled a little like fruity tea. It was all experimental. I didn't really have the right tools; I had to jerry-rig a double broiler with a metal strainer and bowl. But it worked out. I learned a few things for next time. For example, don't melt hot wax in a container that doesn't have a spout.

Lip balm: First Attempt
1 tbs beeswax
1 tbs mango butter
1 tbs shea butter
½ tbs olive oil
10 drops of white tea oil

Combined beeswax, mango butter and olive oil in double broiler set up until melted. Then added white tea oil and shea butter. Once fully integrated, pour into containers and allow to cool.

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