Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yoga-venture: The Maiden Journey

As a yoga instructor, I don't get out much. My practice and my home studio have been pretty consistent for quite some time. I take the same classes with the same teachers I've been familiar with for quite some time. As a yoga instructor, I worry that this truth might make my classes feel stale or overly familiar.

So a while back I decided to start exploring the full depths of yogaland. I'm taking it to the streets, trying new things.

Yesterday, I checked out the free Friday class at Be Yoga in Somerville's Union Square. Aside from losing my wallet on the way in (click here for that story and life lesson), it was a lovely experience. The vinyasa, the physical poses and their order, felt very familiar; the space and the language of the instructor were a delightful change of pace. Jenna used words relating energy and the elements ("feel earth") that had a profound effect on my relationship to my practice. At a time when I otherwise would probably have lost it (re: wallet), Jenna--and my good company--kept me present for practice. It was much needed.

The details:
Be Yoga in Union
Address: 11 Bow Street, Union Square, Somerville
Teacher: Jenna
Cost: 4pm class on Friday is free!

It was a treat and I will definitely be back, hopefully for a full class next time! :-)

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