Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crocheting My Way to Nirvana

Ram Dass tells this amusing story about one of his talks. He was speaking about an LSD induced transcendental experience he had, and there was an older woman sitting there nodding her head as if she understood all of the experiences he was describing. When he spoke to the lady after his formal lecture, he asked how she was able to relate to his experiences. She said simply, "I crochet."

He tells this story about half way through this video:

I crochet. A lot. Especially lately. It's a wonderful stress reliever. And it feels good to create something from scratch. Although I have no transcendental experiences to report, I have plenty of crafts to share--including my first attempt at a hat, an infinite (round) scarf, and a multi-colored scarf made from scraps (but ultimately the prettiest one I've made in a long time).

I've been crocheting so much lately, I'm running out of people to give scarves to. I've been considering starting an Esty store. Would anyone be interested in a hand-crocheted scarf or hat?

Regardless, I've got to keep crocheting. It soothes me.

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