Monday, February 22, 2010

Food Network, Now I want to Cook!

Turned the television on to have background noise while I work my way through my in-box and I clicked to the Food Network. The show started in Portland, so naturally, it had my attention pretty quick.

If you ever visit Portland, Oregon, check out the Byways Cafe--even Food Network gives it a thumbs up!

Watching a show on diner and drive-in style foods reminded me that I need a good chili recipe. So now, I'm looking for recipes for chili online at allrecipes.

I found this recipe for simple turkey chili that offers a good guideline. But when I'm in the mood for chili, I'm not usually going for a healthy variety. I'd sub out beef and probably dump the whole thing in my crockpot for a couple hours...


I started this post in 2007 and it's funny to look back on it now. I was just starting to cook for myself more frequently then. Now, I cook all the time, and in many ways I have the Food Network and to thank for my culinary education. I'd get an idea at a restaurant or on the Food Network and find a recipe to try out on AllRecipes. It's a great combination for the budding chef, or the curious college student trying to feed herself.

Original Draft Date: 9/9/07


AbbyThompson said...

I've got a bunch of chili recipes over in my delicious account. Check 'em out at

Sandy said...

I'm going to have to check those out! Thanks Abby!