Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Playlist Post: Sunday R&R

On Sunday, a student requested that I share my R&R playlist.  Apologies for the delay, I've been debating the ethics of posting the whole playlist up for download.  The jury is still out on the whole sharing vs. stealing issue, but here's the full playlist. And I've included links to the albums that can be purchased online.

Title, Artist, Album
Morning Meditation, Ali Akbar Khan, Planet Yoga - Music for Yoga
three miracles, Vin Mitchell, Chasing God
Zenith, Benjy Wertheimer, Planet Yoga - Music for Yoga
Misty, Kitaro, Music for Yoga
Little Flowers / Speaking in Tongues, Vin Mitchell, Chasing God
Meditation of the Night, Benjy Wertheimer, Planet Yoga - Music for Yoga
Meditations of a Sacred Sinner, Vin Mitchell, Chasing God

Quick searches of Planet Yoga and Music for Yoga returned plenty of torrents, if that's the route you'd prefer to go.

The music on this list is pretty chill and could be used for a home meditation practice as well.  I love Vin's guitar riffs, there's simultaneously an old-west feel and traditional eastern elements. Lovely.

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