Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

I stumbled on this graphic today while working on a slide deck for a new business meeting we have this week.  I had typed objectives into google's image search in the hopes of finding a proper bulls' eye or something goal-related.  I found what I was looking for (thank you Google), and passed the deck to the next person, but something about this image struck me.

Whenever I sit down and think about my goals, whether it's to write more on my blog, clean out my closet, or apply to grad school, I might get so far as to put them down on paper, but then I stop.  The paper gets buried. Or I change journals. Or I change locations. Or I change focus (work, fella, family, friends).

The first step is the hardest. 

Making lofty lists is a great tool for self discovery.  But taking steps down the path of dreams can be a daunting proposition if you're content enough with how things are, or even if you're not.  Change freaks people out.  Doing something different freaks people out.  Trying something new? That really freaks people out.

There are a few projects that I've been thinking about now for ages.  Many of them are sitting around as scribbles in notebooks or half written blog posts or as conversation pieces.  I think it might be time to get started.

What do you think? Is getting started goal-worthy?  For what it's worth, I say hell yea!

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