Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sandy needs...

Last week, my gal pal and fellow yoga-goer, Abby Thompson got pressed (ah, the benefits of blogging on Wordpress) with her post What Do You Need? A riff off of a Facebook meme, Abby googled her name followed by needs and posted the first ten results.

When I read through her explanation and then her list, I immediately went and did the same thing. I googled Sandy needs, and here's what I got:

  1. Sandy needs a girlfriend
  2. Sandy needs to decide if she's happy or not
  3. Sandy needs a spliff
  4. Sandy needs pitches
  5. Sandy needs a ride
  6. Sandy needs a reconstructive surgery
  7. Sandy needs some nurses
  8. Sandy needs protection
  9. Sandy needs 83 stitches
  10. Sandy needs to blog
The first one, and the third one too, had me laughing out loud. But the last one hit home... Yes, Google, I do need to blog.

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AbbyThompson said...

Glad you liked the exercise! It's a ton of fun :)