Monday, June 21, 2010

Driving to Florida and Back

--or Why I'm Giving Up Coffee--

Recently, I drove from my home just north of Boston, all the way to Tampa, Florida. I have family there. I also had heard a rumor that it's generally warmer there than in the Bean. So I hit the road.

The Black Bomber very rarely gets out on the open road. My 1995 Volvo 850 came to me with very few miles and aside from driving from this yoga studio to that one, I haven't added many myself. She's a tank, and a champ, and she loves the open road.

So do I.

Growing up out west, with a long, straight stretch of open road. Driving was always freedom for me...

Until you have to stop every hour or so to use the bathroom or get a fix. There's something about the addiction to coffee itself and the frequent but necessary bathroom breaks that feels anything but freeing.

So after spending 52 hours total in the car in one week, I've decided I'm cutting coffee again.

Photo by Selma60 via Flickr.

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