Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Tribute to the Sun

Joy is hiding behind the clouds. It's a gorgeous day here in Boston, and it's an opportunity to remember all the joys of sun.

Driving just a little too fast, windows open, music bumping.

The cooling condensation dripping off fresh home brewed iced tea--all the better if brewed in the light of the sun.

Lazy days that start whenever you wake and drag out on moonlight porches and front stoops.

Growing up under the cover of clouds and drizzling, leaky skies of my hometown in Oregon, the summers were blissful times. We'd bike and hike through the local park. We'd sit by the water of one of the dirtiest rivers around and happily dangle our feet. We'd eat more ice cream than my older self can now stomach. We did the things that made every day enjoyable.

Today is like that. Today is joyful.

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