Sunday, April 11, 2010

Accepting the Now

We all have goals, wishes, hopes and desires. Some are more noble -- think world peace -- while others are more practical -- say making enough money to keep a roof over your head. There's nothing wrong with either. In fact, having a general direction is good.

However, wanting something to be true and making it happen are very different things. Regardless of where you stand on deliberate creation, you have to be able to accept the present. It's where you are.

Maybe it's not exactly where you want to be; maybe things could be better. But now is part of your path.

Red lights happen. Some times you just have to stop moving. Stop looking to the next thing. And feel the present. Feel present.

Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes you resist. Sometimes you can see your goal just a little farther in the distance. If only this. Or if only that.

Accept where you are. Leave the if onlys to hang out with the shoulds, coulds and oughts. Red lights aren't good or bad. They just are.

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