Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Know What I Mean?

An interesting thought: We spend a lot of time seeking to be understood. But ending sentences or thoughts with "you know what I mean?" or "does that make sense?" undermines your confidence, undermines your appearance of confidence.

Why not just finish a thought and let it comfortably hang out there? I know I like to fill the space, because by talking--I hope anyway--everyone comes to meet on the same page. But
speaking with confidence doesn't end with a "you know," it ends with a period or even an exclamation mark.

You don't have to be overly cocky or arrogant on confrontational. But give it a try. Go one day without seeking affirmation for your every thought or statement. You don't need to give others free license to disagree with you or pick at your train of thought.

Have faith in yourself and in others--they'll let you know if they disagree or don't understand.

Wouldn't you? :-) Whadda ya think?

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