Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Attract More Flies with Honey?

There's this saying that keeps coming up: "you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar." The idea being that in order to get what you want, you should be sweet, polite, kind, etc.

But I have to ask, why are we trying to attract flies at all? Flies are a nuisance--for people and bees, the cultivators of honey. They get in your food, buzz around your head in that irritating way. What's the point?

If you saw a person with a bunch of flies swarming around him, you would likely be inclined to
a) provide the person with bug repellent;
b) tell the person to take a shower, and change his clothes; or
c) offer the person deodorant.

Point being: flies are not typically associated with good things. Flies are pests. Flies are indicators of poor hygiene or cleanliness. Most importantly, flies are just plain annoying.

You attract more bears with honey. You attract more bees with honey. You attract more people with honey. But flies? No thanks.


Anonymous said...

you attract even more with dog shit so what's the point

Sandy said...


The point is, it's a stupid saying.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so replace the target animal. Done. The idea is still valid, obviously.

Sandy said...

I recognize the desire for anonymity from time to time, but to leave a somewhat bitchy comment on a blog post that's over three years old kind of makes me scratch my head. If you've got something bitchy to say, that's fine. If you're kind of a bitchy person, that's cool too. But at a certain point, I hope you realize that that's on you. So own it and sign your name. Otherwise, it's just childish and petty...