Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mysore Week Three: Standing in Change

I'm on week three of my daily Mysore practice. What have I noticed so far? How am I doing?

Yesterday, I officially made it through the Ashtanga / Mysore standing poses. Although, the power yoga teacher in me knows there are plenty of ways to warm up and integrate movement into my body, I've actually been able to feel my body come alive through the sun salutations, breaking up my body's morning stiffness, going a bit deeper with each forward fold. You warm and open the front and back lines of the body with every full body stretches. You stretch and strengthen your legs and arms--all the big muscles, all the little ones.

Generally speaking, I feel more awake, more energized, on days I've practiced than otherwise. Today is not one of those days. I've been sleepy all day. In fact, I even broke down and had coffee (half-caff) for the first time in months. Oops.

It's funny how even as your body under goes changes, the mind can stand still. Or at least hesitate in changing... Maybe, that's why I've been so sleepy.

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