Monday, August 30, 2010

(Less Than) Daily Practice: Excuses

Between last Tuesday's moon day and today, I've made it to Mysore exactly twice. That doesn't mean that I've only practiced yoga twice this week, but it's not far off. I got to Mysore last Wednesday, unheated power on Friday morning, and made it back to Mysore this morning.

Daily morning practice is definitely a tall order. Especially when the practice you've decided on is only available five of the seven days a week. So of the four days I didn't go to Mysore, I only missed two actual Mysore classes.

But let's hear the excuses:

The past two weeks I've fallen down on Thursday. By the time Thursday comes around, after an almost full week of teaching, and a sizable week of practice, I'm just beat. Exhaustion is excuse number one.

Number two is family. This weekend, my cousin came to to visit. Instead of going to Mysore on Sunday morning, we went out for an early breakfast.

Maybe these are totally legit reasons for missing practice. Maybe they're totally lame. I don't know. They seem kind of normal. What do you think? What excuses do you use for missing practice?

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Alicia said...

The exhaustion definitely plagues me for a daily mysore practice. I'm also training for a 1/2 marathon, and it's pretty easy to overdo it.

Of course, this is supposed to be a self guided practice - so on the days I don't make it to mysore I *try* to do the series at home. Usually still in the morning, but about an hour later so I can get in a little more rest.

I don't think your excuses are unreasonable at all though!