Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PSA: Negative Mindsets Suck

Nothing will deplete the human spirit faster than a negative thought pattern. Negative mindsets suck. They suck your energy, your spirit, and leave you dry.

What constitutes destructive thinking? I'd argue it's any line of thought that doesn't serve or help you in someway.
  • Self doubt - though normal, isn't particularly helpful.
  • "The people who care about me try to hurt me." - I dated someone who operated from this place. Nothing could have been more destructive to our relationship, let alone his perception of the people around him.
  • "No body cares about me." - The sad thing about this statement is that you can make it true the longer you operate from that place. The people who do care about you get frustrated and hurt by your belief that no one cares about you when they clearly do. Then, as a way to protect themselves, the people who care about you are forced to distance themselves.

It sucks. Operating from any one of these mindsets just sucks. It sucks your energy. It sucks your confidence. It sucks the life out of your relationships too.

So please stop!

The image is from an OverHall.com article.

Original post draft: 12/27/09

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