Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Build Up of Minor Irritations

It's all about the little things. Or so they say.

Over time, little things turn into big things... That's one way to a landslide. The other way is a series of unrelated, but no less irritating, minor frustrations.

Like looking forward to a nice shower, only to have the hot water start giving out after two or three minutes.

Like looking for a quiet place to work and finding instead a barking dog, ambulances and car alarms going off.

It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife...

Ok, even if Alanis Morissette messed up the meaning of ironic, she was pretty clearly ticked off about some stuff. And by the sound of her list of stuff, it had been building for quite some time.

Minor irritations turn into big irritations when you don't address the minor issue, when you're not being honest about it being a minor irritation and when you're not able to let it go. At a certain point, these sort of annoyances can turn a person angry. If it's allowed to fester. I've had more than my far share of irritation recently, but the real issue is that it's starting to fester. It's like an infection. When you're annoyed, every thing is annoying. It becomes impossible to let go of the minor thing, because it's festered into something 10x bigger. We tell ourselves stories and add drama around the initial frustration.

It all needs to refocus, to shift. But man, oh man, it's easy to dwell on it.

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