Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September the Eleventh: Reflecting in Parts

The Day Of
Shock. Dull shock. We watched the coverage in every class. By midday, we were numb with speculation and forced perspective. What does it mean? Are we at war? The pervasive question without an answer: why?

After One Year
My senior year of high school was the first year after September 11th. We had a memorial assembly on the football field, with flags and singing and all the usual patriotic fanfare. But the decor was less important than the reactions of the crowd. Nine hundred high school students sat quietly during a moment of silence that was actually universally observed.

Two Years Later

Freshman year (college). An uneventful day for memories; I remember little. Classes had just started. I was anxious to fit in.

Three Years Passed

Sophomore year. A moment of silence across campus. Flags at half staff. Uneventful, as far as I can remember. Except one question-- is it too early to be making a 9/11 movie?

Four Years
I was studying abroad in Israel my junior year. A whole new perspective on terrorism. At Hebrew University, you have to pass through airport style security to get to class. People don't mess around with safety. That summer, there were major terrorist threats and attacks across Europe. In London? How did I feel safer in Israel?

The Fifth Year Later

Five is one of those big memorial numbers. People like multiples of five. But college goes on regardless.

Year Six--This Year

I followed the tweets of people recounting the day of, concerned family and fear, speculation and interrupted interactions. How would modern technology have changed the response to 9/11? The report on the war in Iraq was announced on the 10th so it would appear in the papers the 11th. Everyone has a political agenda to campaign for...

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