Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Studying and the Future of Sandying

All's quiet on Sandying these days. You see, I've been off studying a lot, and plotting a super secret thing.

The super secret thing I've been working on is my future digital home.  SandyKalik.com is most definitely a work in progress (just like the rest of me).  But if you have thoughts or resources on a blogger to wordpress migration, I'd be grateful!  Eventually, I'll be moving the blog over to the new site.

For my physical mind and body, I've been doing a lot of studying.  My 500 hour teacher training with Daniel Orlansky at the Arlington Center continues; the most recent module was yoga therapeutics with Doug Keller, and before that Daniel taught two modules on Meridian Yoga (you can read more about that system here).  In between Meridian and therapeutics, I've been rocking out with Ana Forrest and soaking in the encyclopedia of anatomy knowledge from Ms. Ellen Heed.

A Few Take-Aways 
To summarize all these trainings would take me a while, so I'm going to share the top-of-mind goodies. Some these are just amusing, some are terribly practical, some of these might just make you scratch your head.  You be the judge.

"Don't be a sacrificial whore." - Ana Forrest

"We're very conditioned by the masculine norm; different does not mean inferior." - Ellen Heed

Scars may heal on the surface skin, but the fascial layers may still be affected.  - via Ellen Heed (for more on this watch Gil Hedley on The Fuzz)

"If your body were meant to be sitting all day, we'd be made out of blocks." - Doug Keller

"Feet connect to core." - Doug Keller

"Your roll just might be your closest friend. Who else is going to get that close to your sh*t and stay?" - Ana Forrest (on taking cobra and bow over a rolled up mat)

Somehow Ellen Heed managed to engage a room of adults in conversations about anal massage, gut flora and fisting in a totally clinical and practical way--all of which I would have been incredibly resistant to hearing about or discussing in most any other context.  I'm told there's more to it all in her Women's Sacred Anatomy Training.  We'll have to see if I can keep a straight face though.

Do you find that training and learning only makes you hungry for more?  Right now I'm looking into more Ellen Heed trainings, an Acroyoga immersion in September and a yin yoga teacher training.  What are you studying these days?

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