Monday, May 17, 2010

Silence is Golden, Except When Blogging

Quiet feels so nice these days. Between running from here to there, keeping up surface-level connections with acquaintances and handling the personal necessities (eating, sleeping, etc.), silence really does feel like a coveted precious metal or gem.

I find I'm outwardly quiet when I'm keeping secrets -- though that doesn't last very long -- when I'm unsure about something or weighing options, and when I'm content. I have a lot more to talk about when I'm raising complaints, sharing issues, or looking for answers. Disease is fodder for conversation. Contentment doesn't yearn to be understood. It just is.

It's funny that the state of being content and the thing this blog is lacking lately (content) are represented by the same word. What can I say, synonyms amuse me.

Although I still find myself in that pleasantly calm place, I will be aiming to write more.

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