Saturday, July 19, 2008

Social Media Marketing: A Panel of Rock Stars

Plugging away at the laptop live from Podcamp Boston 3.  We have a great panel of marketing rock stars talking about how PR, marketing and the business community in general is handling social media and building strategies around all the new tools that are available.  

We have Adam Broitman, Philip Robertson of oovoo, @Dough (Doug Haslam of SHIFT Communications) and Greg Verdino of Crayon.  And David Meerman Scott is here, in the crowd, answering questions.  

Social media is a matter of earned attention; you create content and sharing it with others.  We talk about the democratization of content.  But it brought up a good question: 

Are we disenfranchising the entire internal team by finding on official corp voice?  
COMCAST as an example--maybe it's only using Twitter as a channel.  Why is Twitter the only way to effectively deal with an issue with COMCAST? 

A big role of social media marketing is education.  How have best practices influenced  the community.  It's important to be mindful of the difference between control and directing people to a call to action.  You can contribute to the conversation and in that way guide it, but you can't control it.  People and companies are learning that they were never in control in the first place. 

The social media news release is bite- sized bullets.  Where's the social?  Get people to share.  Wire services getting involved--interactive press room (see Marketwire and PRWeb).  RSS to allowing comments, it's an evolution that people getting used to still.  

Bloggers are lazy. They're not going to go to the website and read the whole press release. 

Rip and read is old school.  There is not enough time in the media making industry to really thoroughly go through and digest everything.  

And the two dirty words are: Best PRactices
What have you learned? 
Give the audience the chance / opportunity to pass along and share about you and your brand.  
Yes, we can.  Obama brand ambassador is you.  
LISTEN! Understand the audience and talk to them in their language.  

Who's getting it right?  
COMCAST, at least on Twitter (according to @dough). 
Best uses of social media are from people who are using the tools or making the tools (think twhirl).   Although they're smaller companies and more nimble consequently; it will probably be harder at the bigger guys.  
Dell has had a good run at it.  Though an audience member says not really, apparently they still run posts through legal.  
What kind of company you work for becomes a factor. 

Doc Searles' vendor relationship management (VRM)--What is it?  Instead of vendors managing customers (CRM), consumers have so many options that it is the users that are the ones making the choice (VRM).  

The panel only after it was ten minutes over meandered into metrics.  Basically, we know its important, but it really depends on the campaign. 

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