Thursday, February 7, 2008

Morning Epiphany: This is Not a Weekend Blog

The other morning on the way in to work, it suddenly struck me. I'm not a weekend blogger. I come home from work with ideas, from the articles or posts I read or from something a client mentioned, or the home life gives me an idea and I try to type through it before, after or during (lunchtime, folks) work.

I usually do my best writing when it's completely spontaneous--when I get the idea and immediately write it down. Admittedly, that's not always possible and I have three or four unwritten posts on less than news worthy topics and two or three evergreen ideas in the cue.

But the perfect time for writing is when everyone else is asleep (like now) or out. And right know, everyone is asleep.

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CoronaJoe said...

Random observation, hoping you can do something about this from your social media guru platform:

I fucking hate RSS feeds nowadays. They give you a half-sentence blurb followed by a link to the website to drive up hit counts. The whole reason I subscribe to RSS feeds is the have the content come to me effortlessly so I can consume it at my leisure, online or not.

Change the world, Sandy. Become my new personal hero.