Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Rant

Every year, it's the same thing: PC holiday greetings and terms (it's Christmas break people, stop trying to pretend otherwise), mass consumerism as a display of affection, greeting cards, Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving (it started earlier than that this year) and it goes on...

Now before you think I'm the Grinch who stole Christmas (a day late mind you) or a cane-shaking 90 year-old kvetching about the younger generations (I'm 22 folks), let me explain why all these things are bothersome.

I like gifts.

I like having an excuse to give people gifts.

I like the winter season--holidays and weather and all.

BUT I don't like what happens in the name of all of this gift giving...

Giving meaningless gifts just cause you can or you feel obligated (this is not a gift card rant though I suppose some of that logic applies).

Credit card debt.

Political correctness in the name of inclusion. (People have different holidays because they have different beliefs; we don't need to make it out to be all the same to demonstrate mutual respect.)

What was the point anyway?
If it's a season dedicated to showing people in your life that you care, there are plenty of other ways if you're broke. Cook a big friend and family dinner. Write a long letter to someone near and dear. Buy gifts when they make sense--as an inside joke or because it's something the person wants or needs. There's no reason to put yourself into debt to prove you care (and if your friends don't get it, get new friends).

If it's a season underscored only by potlatch and consumerism, maybe I am the Grinch.


JayVee said...

to add to the "likes" list: I like having time off!

JoeRocket said...


I have to agree with you on this one! I felt like I was the only one bold enough to say "No!" to phony holiday spirit. You can't just flip a switch and "Be merry".

I refused to send Christmas cards this year and, instead, sent a photo montage of People, Places and Things that were near and dear to me in the past year. I used (a free service) to create my "masterpiece" and send it out to my online friends and family. They loved it.

I hope yours was good. Back to the coalmine tomorrow....

Sandy said...

JoeRocket--I like the idea of a photo montage. I like the idea of sharing your experiences with your close friends.

Buy gifts and cards when something strikes you! Don't let the obligation cloud your judgment (or your pocketbook).

JaMean said...

Dang, I don't know you but, you are SO right! If everyone thought like you, we would have a MUCH more stable economy!

Happy Holidays!